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Readiris 12 Pro review

Consign paperwork to your hard drive with optical character recognition software

Readiris 12 Pro
Reduce the size of your office files and create documents with OCR with this handy application

Our Verdict

A great application if you scan a lot of documents and need to turn these into editable documents or to reduce the storage size


  • Good OCR options
  • Works out layouts well
  • Good compression


  • Some minor errors with scanning

The latest version of Readiris is available in Home, Pro and Corporate editions, ranging in price from £45 to £360.

The Pro edition offers an excellent range of features, with 'SmartTasks' for quick and easy OCR processing and automatic saving to various file formats, including Word, Excel, OpenOffice and RTF.

You can also save files in Microsoft's XPS format, which can result in file sizes that are as little as 1/200th of the normal size.

In our tests, Readiris 12 Pro proved impressively accurate when converting scanned documents into editable text, and maintained complex layouts very well.

The only real problem was that spaces were sometimes removed from between words printed in italic text, so two or three words would be run together.

The new interface is clear and easy to use, as well as being available in 25 languages. Fast and competent at reading scanned pages, PDF files and photographs of pages taken on a digital camera, Readiris 12 Pro is an impressive package.

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