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Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 review

Microsoft's first BlueTrack mouse for mobile use

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000
The mobile mouse is possibly the best use of Microsoft's BlueTrack technology yet


  • BlueTrack is great
  • Transceiver is tidy
  • Good size

If there's an area where the BlueTrack technology, which Microsoft is rolling out across it full range of mice, is really going to see a firm benefit it's in the mobile sector.

As good as laptop touchpads are becoming I would always rather use the mouse, and there are a lot of people out there that feel the same.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 with its BlueTrack tech means that, in practical terms, no matter what surface you've got your machine resting on your mouse will still be able to track. Hell, you can even just about get it working on a mirror.

It's the perfect size too. Some laptop mice take the portability factor to the extreme, coming in so small that oftentimes you can't even find them at the bottom of your laptop bag.

The 6000 though is a decent size - it's still small enough not to be a hassle porting it around from meeting to conference to coffee shop, and it's also light enough not to bother you.

mobile moue 6000

That's not to say that it's lightweight, it's still solidly-built and weighty enough in the hand to feel comfortable. The 6000 though does feel a little jittery at the smaller resolutions though, which could create problems on a particularly rough flight op train journey, but that is a fairly small concern.

mobile mouse 6000

Aside from the BlueTrack tech the dongle is also a neat part of the package. It's not hugely innovative and nothing that we haven't seen before, but the Nano Transceiver is a thoroughly welcome piece of the jigsaw nonetheless.

mobile mose 6000 transceiver

Basically looking like a simple plug for the USB port the Nano Transceiver hardly sticks out from the laptop it's plugged in to at all, the only struggle is going to be removing it. Losing it shouldn't be a concern though as it tucks away neatly into the base of the mouse itself.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 is an ideal laptop mouse - packing all the latest tech and gadgetry you need on the move as well as a thoroughly responsive input device too.

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