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Keysonic Wireless Mini-keyboard review

A handy miniature keyboard that's ideal for your living room…

Keysonic Wireless Mini-keyboard
The Wireless Mini-Keyboard from Keysonic addresses the need for a decent sized keyboard for your home media centre or Mac

Our Verdict

Not perfectly executed and a bit pricey, but a great concept that fulfils a definite need


  • Handy for media Macs
  • Comfortable on your lap
  • Built-in touchpad


  • A little expensive
  • No Gestures
  • Some squashed keys

KeySonic's Wireless Mini-Keyboard is designed with the Mac user in mind. It's small enough to use on your lap and features a touchpad with two buttons and a sidebar scroller.

An interesting combination, but is it a solution looking for a problem? After all, if you're going to use it on your desk, you might as well invest in a full-sized keyboard with numeric keypad and a wireless optical mouse, right?

Maybe not. The Mini-Keyboard could never replace a conventional keyboard-and-mouse combination for desktop use, but that's not what it's intended for.

What we have is the ideal keyboard design for living-room media centre Macs. If you've tried balancing a full-sized keyboard on your lap while searching for a suitable body part on which to operate your mouse, you'll certainly understand where KeySonic is coming from.

With its small footprint and built-in touchpad, this keyboard is the right size for your lap. While the Apple Remote that came with your Mac is great for Front Row, when you need a bit more control over your media, this keyboard does a great job of running iTunes, QuickTime and DVD Player; it's even perfect for playing a quiet game of Chess.

The touchpad offers a scroll strip to its right, which is an adequate replacement for the scroll-wheel found on most mice, but those who own a MacBook will miss Apple's Gestures functionality.

Implementing Gestures here wouldn't be practical – licensing them from Apple and incorporating a multi-touch pad would've been too costly. Yet it's annoying when force of habit sees you dragging two fingers to scroll.

Also, too many keys have been squeezed onto the bottom row. KeySonic's Mini-Keyboard is a good concept. It's ideal for living-room use or for presentations where you need more convenience.

Perhaps it's a little overpriced, but it's great to see manufacturers doing something different rather than something novelty.