Trust Wireless Presenter TK-3300P review

A simple and stylish wireless presenter

No extra software is needed to get the TK-3300P working

Our Verdict

Brings a set of innovative and easy-to-use features together in one affordable and stylish device


  • Easy to set up and use

    Impressive range

Wireless presenters are great when you're addressing a crowd. The freedom to move around and still control your computer means you engage with the audience rather than wrestle with the technology.

Trust's Wireless Presenter is a great example. Fitting snugly in your hand, clicks are triggered by your index finger, while your thumb rests on a trackball atop the device. No extra software is needed to get it working - after pressing 'connect' on the USB receiver and then on the presenter you can interact wirelessly, even on a fresh install of Windows.

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The range of the device impressed us, still working from the other side of the office. Another nice addition is the laser pointer, which is accessible from a single button press.

Granted, we have seen these features before but Trust's Wireless Presenter combines them all into an affordable package. This makes it a superb choice for anyone needing a wireless mouse.