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WD Passport II review

The back-up plan

Our Verdict

The WD Passport II is a neat device that sits in the palm of your hand


  • Double the storage of the average laptop


  • Software is limited in parts

The average laptop now comes with a hard drive in excess of 60GB, which is more than enough for the average user's needs. However, it's worthwhile investing in a back-up drive, so you'll always have a copy of your files safely stored at home.

Alternatively, as with the Passport II, you can opt for a high-capacity, small-sized drive you can take with you instead of your laptop to plug into a terminal at the other end. This 120GB drive has a standard laptop disk fitted into a neat case, which hooks up to your laptop using a USB 2.0 cable. Being self-powered, no other cables are needed.

At the heart of the package is the WDSync software, which initially takes a while to set up. Once you've synchronised any files on your laptop, however, it works smoothly. You can specify a number lock to stop unauthorised users from accessing your files. You'll find it will also work as a virtual desktop. In this way you can specify your preferred browser, including Favourites, so you work as though you're on your home machine.

It'll work as an email client too, but this feature only works with Outlook, which is a little narrow considering the choice of options on the market.

The first time we ran the software it logged on to the WD website to check for any updated drivers, which there were. You'll need to allow it through your firewall to do this. You'll find that any update will need to erase your profile and any data on the drive, but not your host machine, so make sure you only update on your primary machine. What Laptop Staff