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Patriot Warp V.2 32GB review

A modest amount of storage, but some impressive write-speeds make this an attractive SSD

Price and some great transfer speeds make this a desirable SSD

Our Verdict

A finely built SSD that puts in a good performance. All we need is a bit more storage, or a lower price to complete the package


  • Impressive performance
  • Fair price


  • 32GB isn't much in this day and age

Yes, it is an insultingly low amount of space, but if you consider the Patriot Warp V.2 32GB for use as a laptop hard drive, rather than necessarily for a desktop it makes a whole lot more sense.

The price isn't bad either (though the more useful 64 and 128GB models are at parity with OCZ's similar-sized Core series), but more importantly it's an impressively fast-writing SSD. Even the X25 quails in its file copy wake.

Read-wise it's looking the OCZ pretty much square in the eye too, but a look at the overall graphs shows a lot of inconsistency, rather than a sustained speed like the X25.

Nonetheless, it's very practical: if the 64MB model can drop to this price, we would have an uncontested champ.