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Iiyama ProLite E1900WS review

Good performance without the price tag

Looks good, and performs better than expected

Our Verdict

Fast response but dodgy colour


  • Good price

    Fast response


  • Colour needed adjusting

Drop an inch on your monitor size and you can expect a bit of a price crash. Compared with our favoured 20-inch spec where models cost anything up to £500 or more, this new 19-inch Iiyama weighs in at just £175, looking like it could be a veritable bargain. The typical 16 x 10 widescreen aspect ratio results in a resolution of 1,440 x 900 pixels, which still provides a pretty useful viewing size.

While it's relatively cheap to buy, the Iiyama nevertheless maintains a high-quality look, with a thin bezel and an attractive, black, eggshell finish, while a curvy bottom edge plays host to a couple of 1W speakers. The only thing letting it down in the looks department is the clip-on stand base, which looks and feels a bit cheap and nasty.

The picture of our test sample was far too bright with excess contrast straight out of the box, but this was easily adjusted to more accurate levels, thanks to an uncommonly clear and intuitive on-screen menu. Colour performance turned out to be more of a problem, with the 6,500K setting providing a strong blue cast to images.

The Iiyama also features a 5,400K colour temperature, which proved more useful for photo viewing. Even so, we had to resort to manual colour settings in the end. The picture was as sharp and stable as you'd expect from a modern LCD screen, but more surprising at the price was the extremely quick 5ms response time.

The Iiyama was easily able to handle the fastest gaming graphics and movie action that we could throw at it, making it a good choice for these demands. It's really only the colour accuracy that lets this monitor down, but it's still a good quality screen at the price. Matthew Richards