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Apple iPod Photo review

And so the legend grows ever stronger...

Our Verdict

Its features and performance speak for themselves, but that price is just too high


  • Stunning looks
  • Simple to use
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Great idea


  • How much?
  • Pretty expensive
  • Have we mentioned the price?

Okay, so this isn't the long-awaited iPod video, but to be honest we don't really care - personal video players currently only have niche appeal, and it's music on the move that really matters. So, what exactly does the latest addition to the rapidly expanding iPod family offer?

Well, as the name suggests, this not only enables you to store your digital photos - as, in theory, most jukeboxes can - but also display them. The two-inch, 65,000-colour screen isn't huge, but the images are sharp, and the device is surprisingly fast at accessing them. It's also a doddle to upload and manage them, with iTunes doing the business as usual.

You can also display images and slide shows on your telly, and all the leads you need are supplied in the box.

Choosing what snaps to display and matching them with their own soundtrack is fun and easy, and the picture quality is good. In day-to-day use, the audio side of the equation is consistent with other fourth-generation iPods - in short, bloody impressive.

However, we have a major gripe with this gizmo - the price. You can pick up a similarly capacious Zen Xtra for £300, and if you must have pictures, then how about Creative's Portable Media Centre at £370. And that plays videos too - although it only has 20GB of memory and is a bit bulky.

If you can forget the price, this is the finest personal jukebox around. Although Apple is having a bit of a laugh asking over 400 quid for it!