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Apple quietly admits you probably won't be getting its Watch on April 24

Apple Watch
Apple Watch won't be on many people's wrists on April 24

In the run up to the Apple Watch finally being made available to excited customers, Apple has made a small, yet telling, update to the official website.

Before the website proudly claimed that the Apple Watch would be "Available 4.24.15", however it now gives the much more vague statement "The Watch is coming".

So what does this mean? Don't get too worried, we think it's highly unlikely that Apple is going to delay the Apple Watch launch date. The change could just be Apple acknowledging that fact that many people who have pre-ordered the Apple Watch won't get it on launch day due to shipping delays and low stock.

The Apple Watch has proved to be incredibly popular, with KGI publishing a report that estimates that pre-orders have reached around 2.3 million units.

If you've ordered an Apple Watch, it looks like there's a good chance you won't be wearing it on April 24.

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Via 9to5mac