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Salesforce connects CRM with social listening infographic
Movement of the social ad has launched a social advertising application that connects social ads with CRM and social listening – the ability to monitor what's being said about a company or brand on the internet.

Named Salesforce, it is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The company says it can be used to power social ad campaigns on Facebook and Twitter using real-time customer and social listening data.

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Marketers can use the application to test the available targeting, creative and placement combinations to drive highly localised and relevant ads. They can also monitor campaigns and receive immediate feedback on social ad performance around their goals.

Michael Lazerow, CMO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud,, said: "Social ads cannot be disconnected from your business. By bringing together with Salesforce CRM and the social listening application Radian6, we've made it possible for marketers to connect social advertising with their customer data and real-time trends to maximise return from their advertising dollars."