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Best free software of 2014: Evernote

One of the best productivity programs in 2014, Evernote is an essential download

Having become synonymous with work (their slogan is "a workspace for your life's work") and now boasting over 90 million users, Evernote have spent 2014 updating their apps across all operating systems, including Windows 8. In October, the Evernote team announced a new app and a major redesign, thus increasing the company's hold on the productivity market.

Evernote operates as a multi-purpose notebook – the Swiss army knife of notebooks, if you will – and can bundle together a myriad of different types of media into one place, including voice, images, pen input and the typed word. Alongside this, clippings can also be saved and notebooks shared. Evernote's uses extend far and wide.

Using Evernote is free and operates on a tiered payment system, with the "Premium" option enhancing search features and adding the ability to search offline notebooks on mobile. Just as with Spotify, the Premium tier offers the most value and is thus worth investing in.

As an app that has grown into an indispensable piece of software during 2014, Evernote has more than earned its place in this series.