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New 8GB Apple iPod nano reviewed

It doesn't matter what anyone says, the Apple iPod is successful because it's brilliant. It doesn't 'do it all' like we sometimes hope it would - but what it does do, it does very well. The brand new 8GB iPod nano is no exception.

It's an interesting one, because while news of the new iPod touch had practically everyone on the planet frothing at the mouth in anticipation, initial impressions of the new nano were less than encouraging.

The final clickwheel?

Some people said it was too short and too wide. Others said it was the ugliest iPod ever. Some said it would crash and burn.

One thing is for certain, looking at pictures of this thing is no substitute for holding one in your own hands. And for anyone holding the new iPod nano for the first time, it's incredibly hard not to be impressed.

At a thickness of only 6.5mm, it's impossibly thin. It also defies gravity by weighing in at less than 50g. And yet it comes packing almost the entire fixture set of the beastly iPod Classic. It's astonishing.

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