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Unlimited UK Wi-Fi for iPod touch

The Cloud has announced a £3.99 service for unlimited Wi-Fi access through its network

UK hotspot provider The Cloud has announced £3.99 unlimited Wi-Fi for owners of the newly-released iPod touch. The news comes after it was announced that hotspot access would be available to US owners of the new model, out in the UK today.

From Monday, users will be able to use their iPod touch to access the internet and Apple's online iTunes service across 7,500 Wi-Fi hotspots.

Cloud Unlimited Music

The new Wi-Fi service, called Cloud Unlimited Music, will be available from Monday 1 October 2007 for £3.99 per month, specifically for iPod touch, and is not subject to any minimum term contract.

"We believe this is a significant step forward in making music, podcasts and video available when, and wherever, people really want it," said Owen Geddes of The Cloud.

When the UK iPhone is released it will also have unlimited access to Wi-Fi hotspots included in the 02 tariff.