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WWDC 07: OS X Leopard in final straight

Leopard will also include Leopard mail, complete with more personalisation

On stage at WWDC, Steve Jobs announced that the Leopard update to Apple 's Mac OS X is nearly finished. It will be the sixth revision of the OS. And many are predicting it will be the last before the system gets a thorough overhaul.

"Leopard is the best release of Mac OS X to date, surpassing even Tiger, and will further extend Mac OS X's leadership as the most advanced and innovative operating system in the world," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO in a statement. "We think current and prospective customers are going to love Leopard, and that it will help make the Mac even more popular."

Apple says Leopard is scheduled to ship in October. And it reckons the release introduces over 300 new features, including a new Desktop and Dock with Stacks - a new way to organise files. The finder features CoverFlow as well, the technology used in iTunes to browse through album artwork.

There is also the previously previewed Time Machine, to back up and restore lost files or a complete Mac.

Leopard brings full 64-bit computing to the Mac. It'll cost £89, which is the same price as the last update to OS X, Tiger.