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Leyio memory key shares data via UWB

Leyio's PSD shares data via UWB
Leyio's PSD shares data via UWB

Mobile storage just got a little faster - and possibly smarter - with today's launch of Leyio's Personal Sharing Device (PSD) using UWB (Ultra-Wideband) technology.

The PSD combines 16GB of Flash storage with a high-speed ultra-wideband radio link that enables you to share music, photos, movies and other files at speeds of up to 10MB a second.

You select files to beam on the PSD's screen, although there's also a USB port to plug in memory keys for any of your friends sadly lacking UWB technology (which to be honest, will be almost everyone at the moment).

Space for a Shuttle

There's also a detachable USB Shuttle for connecting the PSD to a computer. And if you're worried about security, the Leyio PSD can be locked with a built-in fingerprint reader.

"The Leyio PSD extends the internet experience to 'real' life in a way that no other device is capable of," claims Bruno Maurel, CEO of Leyio. "It allows you to share information with others in seconds, even when you're away from your computer."

The Leyio comes with synching software, but we haven't had any details on its size and weight, battery life, cost or availability yet. We'll also be testing one as soon as possible - watch this space.