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Bandai exercise game keeps track of calories

Keep track of calories burned through GPS and a mobile phone

Bandai is well known for its ingenious approach to mobile gaming. And so it was inevitable that the Japanese giant's move into the mobile healthcare market there would be a little unusual.

The company's latest mobile phone application is known as Beauty Walker . It uses GPS to create a personal power-walking schedule and diet sheet.

Calculating calories

For ¥315 (£1.28) a month, subscribers get to use the downloadable Java software and an online tracking system that works with their own phones' GPS to calculate calories burned while walking at any speed and in any direction.

The idea is that users input, for example, how many cream cakes they'd like to eat before setting off at a brisk trot with the Beauty Walker software monitoring their progress. After they've burned the appropriate number of theoretical calories, the phone pipes up and tells them to hit the pie shop. Rarely can technology have been put to a better use.