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Nintendo Wii and DS users embrace the net

The fantastic Nintendo DS succeeded the ever-popular Gameboy range

Nintendo has released figures relating to the way its latest games consoles are being used for online gaming. The super-successful Nintendo DS has had over five million unique users on its Wi-Fi service since launch in 2005.

In that time, the network has seen 200 million individual online DS gaming sessions.

The five most popular Wi-Fi games available for the DS are Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Metroid Prime Hunters, Pokémon Pearl and Pokémon Diamond.

The Nintendo Wii online shop became active in November 2006. Since then nearly 4.8 million games have been downloaded by Wii fans eager to push their fun consoles as far as they will go.

Wii domination

That figure adds up to 1,000 games being downloaded by Wii fans every hour; 17 every minute. The retro Super Mario Bros game has predictably been the most popular downloaded game.

Nintendo is currently dominating the console wars, with results in Japan being especially encouraging for the company. The Wii console is currently selling five times more units than Sony's PlayStation 3. And the handheld Nintendo DS is matching that 5:1 ratio by selling 500 per cent more finger-twizzlers than the Sony PSP.