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True all-day tablet battery to land in 2013?

Better battery life to land in 2013?
Better battery life to land in 2013?

Texas Instruments has promised a chip that can offer 'true all day computing' for release in 2013.

Speaking to Fudzilla, TI's product manager Brian Carlson, explained that the battery life of the all-day chip would "last for from early in the morning until you are ready to hit the pillow."

While both smartphone and tablet battery life has improved over the past year, we still find ourselves nervously eyeing the battery meter towards the end of the day, and having all the bells and whistles turned on all the time will leave gadgets prematurely drained of life.

Juiced up

But by making future chips and hardware more power efficient, TI thinks it can increase the time between charges and provide true all day power.

It also hopes to build intelligent caching and better memory access for smartphones and tablets; by decreasing the power needed for these constant tasks, each charge should manage to go further.

Unfortunately, there's a two-year wait for this idyllic, power-drenched scenario to come to pass. In the meantime, we'll just have to keep on dragging our tablet and smartphone chargers around with us wherever we go.

From Fudzilla