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Apple patents wireless charging through iPad Smart Covers

iPad Smart Covers
Smart Charging

A new patent shows that Samsung isn't the only one with an interest in wireless charging – Apple might be looking to put the feature into its future iPad Smart Covers too.

Apple's patent details a way of incorporating "integrated inductive charging in [a] protective cover", using the same magnetic attachments and auto-wake sensors that the existing Smart Covers do.

The proposed design also contains an inductive charging coil which transmits power to the iPad as well as the case containing a battery itself.

It also means that the iPad would itself need wireless charging equipment installed, so we don't expect the cases will be backwards compatible if they do surface.


Apple's Phil Schiller previous said that he didn't think much of wireless charging, given that the charging device would itself need to be juiced up at a wall at some point. But this patent shows that Apple is looking at new ways to approach the concept - and it's not the first inkling we've had that Apple is going to bring wireless charging to the iPad 5 or iPhone 6.

Samsung is said to be using inductive charging in the Galaxy S4, though we'll know in a few hours whether or not that turns out to be true.

Via AppleInsider