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Apple updates MacBook Air to fix video problems

MacBook Air
Grab yours now and apply the update ... if you can be bothered

Yesterday we reminded Apple that it would have to get its MacBook Air act in gear if it's to stay ahead of an imminent fleet of slim new challengers and today we get news that the California giant has gone and updated its midget gem overnight.

Mind you, it's not that big a deal – Apple has simply issued a firmware update for the Air that can be downloaded for free.

Core idling

The MacBook Air Update (what did you expect them to call it?) is intended to fix a few minor issues with the svelte laptop. These include problems related to "video playback and processor core idling", or so we're told.

The 368KB download should arrive via the usual Software Update procedure, but be careful – if you're using any apps to over- or underclock the processor, whip 'em out first, lest you end up with a very good-looking brick.