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Cross-platform OpenOffice worm spreading

Symantec has been tracking the worm since last month in its Security Response labs

Symantec has discovered a worm proliferating via OpenOffice documents. And it not only affects Windows PCs - Mac OS and Linux systems are under threat from the bug, too.

Symantec's Security Response website announced the worm was quite capable of causing a headache for non Windows users.

"A new worm is being distributed within malicious OpenOffice documents. The worm can infect Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X systems," said the Advisory. Be cautious when handling OpenOffice files from unknown sources".

Various Virii-tracking sites first noted the worm in May, but it wasn't thought to be in the wild and causing a problem. Goes to show that even malware experts can be wrong. Symantec has given the worm a 'medium' rating.