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Careless Facebook use may cost you a job

Facebook carelessness could cost you a job

Generally, stating the obvious is a very annoying habit of far too many people, however when it comes to commonsense and social networking it seems like the imperative to be sensible is well worth repeating.

The latest example of what not to do online comes from a Reuters report advising us all not to give away too much on FaceBook or Twitter in case prospective employers find out about it.

Dead dogs

It cites a PR specialist, pointing out FaceBook posts about, "colonoscopies, dead teeth pulled, dead dogs, flatulence, adult acne, marital breakups, battles with mental illnesses and drinking problems."

Going on to put that avalanche of banality in the context of someone looking for a new job, it concludes: "If this information can make friends cringe... imagine the impression it would make on a potential employer."

Drugs as well

Throw in examples of people posting photos of themselves smoking drugs and making racist and/or sexist jokes and you have a pretty bleak picture of an online confederacy of dunces who'd likely never get up most days, never mind find a job.

Our advice, for what it's worth - next time you're considering putting anything at all personal online, just don't; it's tedious for us to read and might just stop you from snaring that big fat contract.