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U.S. partners with Russia on anti-piracy plan

Russia now updating online copyright security practices

On Friday, the United States and Russia came to an agreement on an Intellectual Propert Rights (IPR) Action Plan to escalate anti-piracy efforts.

The Action Plan, a three-page document outlining Russia's "Renewed Commitment for Freedom and Democracy", includes several practical steps in enforcing copyright law.

One of the major steps in the plan tasks Russian law enforcement with shutting down sites found guilty of privacy violations, either by digital or physical means.

The language specifically calls for "unannounced raids of plants, retail outlets, and warehouses to detect, seize and, where appropriate, destroy goods that violate intellectual property rights."

Safeguarding service

Another component of the plan is the potential liability of online piracy passing to internet service providers (ISPs) "in appropriate cases".

The U.S. also uses these kinds of terms in attempting to protect copyright's, a tactic which enlists ISPs in the war on piracy willingly or not.

The timing of these changes for Russia come not long after the Russian Federation joined the World Trade Organization.

A portion of the Action Plan states that Russian officials will meet with U.S. Trade Representatives to implement "Russia's WTO data protection commitments".

These measures will also help the U.S. and Russia to work towards "the shared goal of removing the Russian Federation from the 'Priority Watch List'."

Via The Verge