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Scotland, Wales, London seek own web suffixes

Scotland, Wales, London seek own web suffixes
Hoots mon!

Not content with having its own government, its own flag and its own wonderful if occasionally unintelligible accent, Scotland soon hopes to have its own brand of web addresses using the suffix .scot.

The Scottish Government is looking to communications minister Ed Vaizey to help it secure the not-for-profit Dot Scot Registry (DSR) which would allow Scottish sites to use .scot instead of, .com, .org and so on.

Alex Neil, the cabinet secretary for infrastructure and capital investment, explains that, "DotSCOT will be a wonderful asset for establishing a distinctive online identity for many organisations and people who have been described as the worldwide family of Scots and want to demonstrate that identity online."

Och aye the noo

But it's not just Scotland that wants in on the domain name action - .cymru and .london are also likely to be put forward.

The flurry of dotWhatever suggestions comes in advance of the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)'s three-month application window for new top level domains which kicks off in January 2012.

Fears of national segregation causing a whole new era of web xenophobia aside, we're backing the .scot bid if only because it rhymes rather pleasingly – bagsy hotpotdotscot.

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