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Deezer at a crossroads as it axes fiver a month Premium streaming tier

Deezer drops fiver a month Premium tier in scrambles to gain ground on Spotify
No middle ground left for Deezer users

Life must be tough for a music streaming company like Deezer, facing the unenviable task of prizing listeners away from their comfort zone on Spotify.

Nevertheless, the Paris-based start-up continues to plug away and has today announced plans to follow Spotify's lead and do away with its middle-of-the-road £5 Premium tier.

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The fiver a month option had given users the opportunity to access unlimited, ad-free music over the web, but Deezer told The Next Web "our listeners needs have changed."

In its absence, Deezer fans can choose between the Free tier with adds and usage caps or the tenner-a-month for Premium+ access with unlimited, ad-free tunes through the web and mobile apps.