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Forget PayPal, you can now send money over Gmail

Forget PayPal, you can now send money over Gmail
Cashing in

Having launched in the US all the way back in 2013, UK Gmail users are finally able to send money over email using Google Wallet.

Sending money works much like sending a Gmail attachment. When the account is linked to a Wallet account, a pound sign will appear in the same bar used to send attachments. You simply attach electronic cash to an email.

Google Wallet accounts can be linked to bank accounts to let you transfer cash between your 'virtual' Google funds and your admittedly only-slightly-less-virtual bank account.

While the service has launched, it'll actually be rolled-out to UK users over the next few weeks. Checking ourselves, it doesn't seem like we're among the first few to get Gmail money transfers.

Wireless world

This move seems likely to be part of Google's wider Waller roll-out, designed to combat the burgeoning, already-huge success of Apple Pay.

While not available in the UK yet, Apple Pay already accounts for two thirds of contactless payments in the US.

via Google Commerce