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The SteelSeries Nimbus takes Apple TV gaming seriously

SteelSeries Nimbus Apple TV

The new game-tastic Apple TV already has its first wireless gamepad: the SteelSeries Nimbus.

While we suspect the new Apple TV will focus on casual gaming, its chances of appealing to the hardcore market will increase with the addition of SteelSeries' new controller.

Equipped with A, B, X, Y buttons, the controller is curiously reminiscent of Microsoft's Xbox One controller.

Game on

The Nimbus also packs a rechargeable battery offering over 40 hours of charge, a lightning connector, and pressure-sensitive trigger and bumper buttons for maximum precision.

While designed as a companion for the new Apple TV, the Nimbus is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac gaming,

The SteelSeries Nimbus will retail for US$49.95 (approx. £32.50, AUD $71.50) when it launches in late October.