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Ouya updated to Jelly Bean, enters Engineering Verification Testing phase

Everything's on track for the Android powered console

The Android-powered Ouya console, made famous by its Kickstarter campaign and budget price point, has just announced it will ship with the Jelly Bean version of Android.

In a blog post on the company's site, Ouya confirmed that it had made the jump to the latest version of Android, although whether it is the 4.1 or recently announced Android 4.2 version is still unclear.

Either way, the Ouya console will ship with Jelly Bean rather than Ice Cream Sandwich, which should give it some longevity.

Hardware on track

The Ouya update also let loose some other useful nuggets of information, like the fact the engineers have received the first run of printed circuit boards, which has allowed them to enter the Engineering Verification Testing phase.

This means they are testing the console and controller with the platform's software in order to weed out the bugs and other issues before they start large scale manufacturing.

By hitting the milestone, the Ouya project is well on track, with the company even promising developer kits by December.

Via: Ubergizmo