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Violence breaks out at China iPad 2 launch

Chaos ensued at the iPad 2 launch in China

The Apple iPad 2 launch in China ended in carnage with witnesses claiming that an Apple store employee lashed-out at customers waiting in line.

Numerous accounts have emerged from the launch in Beijing on Saturday, which saw three or four people were injured at the scene and the store's glass door smashed.

One version of events claims that a non-Chinese Apple employee emerged from the store to confront people who had cut into the line, before striking those he suspected with a metal club.

When security was prevented from following him back into the store to confront the employee, reports suggest that is when the glass door was smashed.


Photos that have emerged from the event show numerous people laying on the floor with visible wounds from the fracas.

Apple has so far refused to comment on the alleged incidents, but it really doesn't look good at this stage.

Source: Apple Insider