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Steve Jobs is 'happy' with his Apple tablet

Jobs happy with 'iTablet', capacitive touchscreen rumoured
Jobs happy with 'iTablet', capacitive touchscreen rumoured

Steve Jobs is clearly going to be having a good Christmas break, with the latest reports from yet more 'unnamed sources close to Apple' claiming that the tech guru is finally happy with the near-final Apple tablet product rumoured to be launching very soon.

Yet further rumours and reports from yet more 'unnamed sources' are also suggesting that the 'iTablet' will feature a capacitive touchscreen.

When asked if the tablet rumours were true, a senior Apple exec gave The New York Times this rather leading reply:

"I can't really say anything… but, let's just say Steve is extremely happy with the new tablet."

Capacitive touchscreen rumours

One Apple employee who recently left the company also told the Times: "You will be very surprised how you interact with the new tablet."

And yet another ex Apple employee, Joshua A. Strickon, told the Times earlier in 2009 that the iPhone was actually a mini version of some of the early tablet computer prototypes.

Via Ars Technica