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Jobs: Flash on iPad would give it 1.5 hour battery life

Jobs does not agree that Flash will save every one of us
Jobs does not agree that Flash will save every one of us

Steve Jobs has been speaking behind closed doors to select journalists and explaining some of his reasoning behind exactly why Apple has not added Flash compatibility to the iPad.

While on a trip round the Wall Street Journal offices he offered sound bite after sound bite regarding Flash, noting that the battery performance would be significantly reduced to just 1.5 hours if Flash was on-board – down from the 10 hours he promised in his iPad keynote in January.

Flash backward

According to the WSJ, he also likened Flash to other old-school tech which Apple has ditched, including floppy drives, CDs (because of iTunes) and FireWire cables.

If Jobs did put Flash into the category of floppy drives, then the likelihood of either the iPad, iPod or iPhone getting Flash upgrades is very slight.

Recently Jobs had another pop at Flash, calling the format "buggy".

Adobe is willing to communicate with Jobs over Flash with the iPad but according to Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch, "We have not had the required cooperation from Apple to make this happen."

Via MacWorld