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Apple to join battle at CES next year

Steve Jobs
Apple will be joining the rank and file at CES from 2010

We knew that the just-concluded Macworld Expo in San Francisco was to be the last-ever staging of the event, but we didn't expect Apple to let slip that it would instead be joining the masses at CES next year.

That's according to the website AppleInsider, which says that it's a done deal for the iPod and iPhone to mingle with the crowds in Las Vegas in 2010.

Microsoft turf

Although there has long been speculation that Apple would one day join CES, it was generally held that the company preferred to stay away from a stage traditionally dominated by Microsoft.

If it does pitch its wares at the CES event in future, Apple will clearly have to shout louder for attention than it ever did at the single-company Macworld.

Risky move

While it may be that Steve Jobs et al are positioning Apple as a more mainstream firm than it currently is, it's clearly a risky strategy to give up the Macworld pulpit in favour of running with the bulls at CES.