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Apple's latest patent outlines the future of multitouch

Apple patent outlines the future of multitouch control
Apple patent outlines the future of multitouch control

Apple's latest multitouch patent outlines the company's ambitious plans to develop multitouch control in the future.

The latest Apple patent on multitouch gestures gives a good idea of the possible ways in which we will all be interacting with our touchscreen slates, laptops and Macs in the future.

The news comes via Patently Apple, which reports how patent number 7,705,830 is set to be a vital one for Steve Jobs and co.

Future of multi-touch

The patent details multiple finger contacts and gestures on touchscreens, with a system for tracking your finger movements and a system that will be able to identify neutral and "spread" finger arrangements.

Apple is rumoured to be developing touchscreen versions of its iMac desktop range for future release, in addition to currently using touch control on its laptop trackpads and iPhones and iPod touch devices.

Check out the illustration right here to get a glimpse of the future of touch-control. And marvel at how impressive this patent genuinely is.

How you are actually going to remember half of these is of course another matter entirely…

Via Fast Company