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Apple and Psystar to settle out of court

Psystar Open Computer
Psystar's Open Computer has been a headache for Apple

If you've been following the rather protracted case of Apple Vs Psystar, you'll already know that they're suing each other over the smaller firm's sale of non-official computers running Mac OS X.

While any kind of legal action is both tedious and predictable (hint – the big guy usually wins), it's encouraging to note that the two parties have now agreed to try to find a solution out of court.

Cover story?

Psystar and Apple have signed up to arbitration in California that will both keep costs down and prevent the end result from becoming public knowledge.

There is some speculation that the Alternative Dispute Resolution process will actually be used as a cover for Apple to simply buy Psystar and put an end to what it sees as licence infringement that way.

That could be the case if Apple wants to prevent public scrutiny of its OS X licence agreement, although avoiding the antitrust allegations that Psystar has levelled is a more likely scenario.