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At last - Morgan Freeman's soothing voice will narrate your car journey

Morgan Freeman

Could this be the cure to road rage? We reckon so.

Thanks to a new promotional campaign for the release of London Has Fallen, Waze is letting you select Morgan Freeman as the latest "voice" for the sat nav app, helping you get from A to B with his silky smooth guidance.

Phrases spoken by Freeman include:

"The time has arrived, President Wazer. The world awaits your commands."

"The American people are counting on you... to drive. Let's go."

"Accident reported ahead. I'll get a line to emergency command."

To download it, you just need to head into Settings > Sound > Navigation Guidance (on Android) or Settings > Sounds > Voice Language (on iOS).

According to Waze, Freeman is one of the most requested voices of all time. He joins a handful of other famous voices on the service including Arnold Schwarzenegger and C-3PO. Unfortunately Snoop Dogg is still very much exclusive to TomTom users.

We'd like Jony Ive next please, Waze.

[Image credit: Focus Features]