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CES 2007: Bongiovi's Digital Power Station

Tony Bongiovi with JVC KDS-100 - fitted with Bongiovi's digital power station

Audio start-up Bongiovi Acoustics will be showing off its Digital Power Station , at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), next week.

The maker claims when fitted in an audio device the digital power station can help reproduce studio-quality sound.

"The technology is to sound as high definition is to television," explained Tony Bongiovi, inventor of the technology.

Bongiovi has teamed up with JVC to manufacture the Digital Power Station, its first application will be in JVC's KDS-100 car stereo.

The system uses a bespoke combination of filters, equalization, and gain amplification to allow the listener to hear more detail in the music. Even, as the maker claims, at low volumes.

The KDS-100 will be available soon in the US, and by the end of 2007 in the UK. Bongiovi is keen to point out the technology will be applied to many other devices.