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Apple strengthens Beats Music ahead of expected relaunch

Beats Music
Apple is after inside knowledge of your music streaming

Apple has just bought music analytics company Semetric for an undisclosed sum, in a possible bid to boost the features of its Beats Music streaming service.

Semetric's Musicmetric service provides in-depth information to the music industry regarding social, sales and streaming. Its purchase could give Apple an incredibly useful insight into the relationship between listeners and the music they purchase and stream.

This knowledge could help Apple better tailor the user experience of its revamped Beats Music streaming service, which is expected later this year.

Sound from the cloud

Apple's acquisition of Semetric mirrors its competitor, Spotify, which bought Echo Nest to better understand relationships between songs and artists, as well as the habits of people who stream music.

Spotify, as well as other music streaming services, also had partnerships with Semetric and used the Musicmetric service. It's currently uncertain how these relationships will be affected with Apple's purchase, but we expect to find out more in the near future.

Via The Guardian