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Apple might actually slash Beats Music subscription price in half

Beats Music
It's still unclear just what Apple will do with Beats

We've heard already that Apple wants to slash the price of a Beats Music subscription, but we hadn't heard by how much until now.

Apparently the iPhone maker wants to cut Beats Music subscription prices in half, charging $5 a month for streaming music.

That's what Re/code is reporting, citing general "industry scuttlebutt" and "people who've heard the pitch secondhand."

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"The pitch" is Apple's argument to music industry companies who would see less revenue per user in the event of a price cut: that the best iTunes customers spend about $5 a month on iTunes, so lowering Beats subscription prices that far and thereby enticing those users who are still buying digital files actually wouldn't decrease the revenue the industry receives from them.

Plus it would obviously increase the potential user base for these services, with the potential to raise revenue in the long run. Beats headphones are, after all, wildly popular.

There's no guarantee that the music labels will see Apple's logic, of course, even they did just let Spotify announce family package discounts.