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Steganos Safe 2007 review

Strong file encryption at home and on the go

The program provides you with the ability to create securely encrypted password-protected drives

Our Verdict

A sound and reliable way of protecting your files and data


  • Simple to use


  • Few, if any

If you're serious about protecting your personal files, there's no better option to get the job done than a dose of strong encryption.

Steganos Safe 2007 combines industrial-strength security with unrivalled ease of use to provide a robust file encryption solution. Whether you need strong file encryption at home or on the go, Steganos Safe 2007 will make true file security a reality.

The program provides you with the ability to create securely encrypted password-protected drives - as many as you need, and as large as you like.

You choose a storage location for a 'safe', assign it a size and drive letter, and then work with it as you would any normal drive in Windows Explorer. When an encrypted drive is opened any files save to it are automatically protected via 256-bit AES encryption, but this process is completely transparent. All you need to access the drive is the password that you assigned to it.

To ensure that you choose suitably strong passwords for encrypted drives, the program scores your passwords. Weak passwords are discouraged, since real protection relies on having a password that cannot be easily guessed or cracked. In the something-completely-different category the program also enables you to assign a combination of images or symbols as your password, via the PicPass feature.

Protection and extras

Steganos Portable Safe makes it possible to create encrypted drives on rewriteable discs, USB flash drives and even your iPod - and is completely portable. A small access utility included on the portable drive means you can access and save files to your encrypted disks from PC.

You can also use a portable device as a type of hardware key for your drives. Plug the drive in and an encrypted drive is opened; unplug it, and the drive is locked automatically.

Beyond strong file encryption, Steganos Safe 2007 also includes built-in tools to delete files and folders and wipe free space on your drives for added privacy.