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Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock review

A high-quality, but ugly printer dock gets the once-over

Our Verdict

You need a Mac to use it and it's expensive too, but produces great image quality overall


  • Good colour reproduction

    Perfect prints

    Stunning colour

    Great clarity


  • Quite expensive to run

    Blandly designed

    Lack of card slots

    Expensive media

    No battery option

Any company that's been 'dabbling' in photography for more than a century is probably going to have the depth of experience to get things right when it comes to home printing. And so it is with Kodak. We reckon it's got things just about right with the EasyShare Printer Dock.

Strictly speaking, this is a printer dock for use with a Kodak EasyShare digital camera, but it can be used with a Mac or a PictBridge compatible camera too. The dock itself isn't much to look at and it's quite expensive to run. However, if you want perfect colour prints then look no further.

The EasyShare Printer Dock uses thermal diffusion. Because thermal diffusion printers don't use dots of ink to make up the image, the tones are continuous just like a conventional colour print. What's more, Kodak's long experience means that the colours produced by this small device we found most pleasing and accurate on test.

Among the downsides, there aren't any card slots so you do have to load images into iPhoto or directly on to your hard drive, there's no battery option, and it only works on a Mac. Finally, the running costs are pretty high at around £20 for 40 prints. At 50p a go it is 20p more per print than that promised by Epson and HP - but they are really high quality.