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HiTi 730PS review

Larger prints and a low-cost per photo

The HiTi was prone to attracting dust on the paper surface, which would show up on some prints

Our Verdict

Not a bad choice if you want to print directly from card at sizes up to 5x7 inches


  • Thermal diffusion

    Various sizes to 5x7

    Screen included


  • It's huge!

    No xD slot

    Prone to dust

Okay... strictly speaking it's not a mini photo printer - it's more of a midi photo printer. Even so, the HiTi 730PS can print direct from digital camera memory cards (not xD Picture cards) and it does include a colour LCD screen for selecting images from the card. The 730PS also includes a Mac printer driver so in our books it qualifies for this group test on all grounds - except size, perhaps.

The 730PS is a thermal diffusion printer and works along the same lines as the Canon Selphy CP500 and the Koday EasyShare Printer Dock reviewed here. Unlike these two devices, the HiTi unit can print out on paper up to 5x7 inches. It works along similar lines as most diffusion printers, and requires special paper and a cartridge of coloured film for applying the dyes in a series of passes.

A selection of memory card slots are provided on the body of the printer. You can select the images you want to print using the corded remote device, which features a built-in colour LCD screen for viewing images.

The menu system for printing from cards is graphical and easy to follow. You can change paper sizes mid-cartridge by simply adjusting the paper tray, slotting a different size of paper in the tray, and installing a different cartridge. However, we did notice that the HiTi was prone to attracting dust on the paper surface, which would show up on some prints as something similar to the dust marks that you would see on conventional picture enlargements.

Image quality is acceptable with quite vibrant colours. Speed is good, taking just under 1 minute and 30 seconds for a postcard print. The resolution of 301x301dpi equates to about 4,800dpi on a conventional inkjet printer. Each print costs around 29p and represents good value for money.