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Mionix Naos 5000 review

Is the Noas an attempt at baffling us with numbers or can it turn out some gaming gold?

Mionix Naos 5000
The Naos 5000 has seven programmable buttons for that quit shot to the face

Our Verdict

A well built and designed mouse for the gamer or power user alike. However we do feel it is a little too expensive


  • Smooth tracking
  • Accurate
  • Good software
  • Seven programmable buttons


  • Price

Another month and another company claiming to have the best gaming mouse known to man, and this time it's landed on our desks in the form of the Naos 5000.

This time it's Swedish peripherals outfit Mionix's turn to churn out meaningless phrases such as 'light-years ahead of the game' while blinding you with numbers, stats and brightly-lit LEDs.

Let's get the stat-gasm out of the way first; the Naos 5000 has got seven (count 'em) programmable buttons, 5040 dpi laser sensor, 1ms response time, 40,000MHz sampling rate and a tracking speed of 5.1m/sec. I'm sure you'll agree, that's a whole lot of numbers.

Realistically though all the numbers in the world don't matter if the real-world experience of using the mouse isn't up there with the best. And thankfully the Naos delivers.

The 'truly ergonomic' design is nicely shaped for the right-hander, even though it's actually designed for mutants in so much as it has support for 'all five fingers'. But it's the non-stick material coating the feet that really makes for the smooth ride the Naos brings to the table.

The software too is thoroughly impressive, giving you full control over pretty much every aspect of your mouse, from LED colour to lift distance. This control means that you can customise the little rodent to within an inch of its life.

The software also comes with a S.Q.A.T (Surface Quality Analyser Tool) to give your mousemat or desktop a qualitative rating. Shame about the name...

At £60 though it does seem a mite expensive with some of the classic gaming mice available for around half that. Still, it is an impressively stacked mouse if a touch pricey.

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