Belkin Speedpad n52te review

Gaming made easier with this handy device

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Our Verdict

An effective and well designed gadget for your gaming needs


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable


  • Won't appeal to everyone

Now, it has to be said that I find most of these keyboard extension doohickeys thoroughly unpleasant, ever since I had the misfortune to use the horrific WolfClaw game board. The Belkin Speedpad n52te, though, in contrast, has gotten me through some tough times.

The toughest of those times were the tormented hours I spent playing through Space Siege for the review last issue; thanks to the extra buttons the n52te placed at my disposal, my progress to the end of that mangled mess of a game was eased considerably.

Comfortable design

It's nicely designed and sits well in the hand giving you easy access to the myriad buttons on offer.

Thanks to the Razer technology backing up the Speedpad setting a game profile is a simple matter and if you're into those keystroke-heavy MMO thingies such extra button action is a positive boon. With such a mass of keys at your disposal you'll be desperately looking for commands to fill up the space with.

If your favoured flight-sim joypad doesn't have the requisite throttle action the Speedpad will take most of the strain, and with the responsive and well positioned wee thumbstick/D-pad you can do the Exorcist thing and rotate your head…

Likewise, if you're one of the few laptop gamers out there, then you'll find this far easier to use in conjunction with a mouse than the standard notebook keyboard. Well worth your cash for when a joypad just won't do.