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Videk USB Display Adapter review

Videk's USB-to-DVI converter brings dual displays to the masses

Videk USB Display Adapter
Get a second display without needing a second graphics card

Our Verdict

If you just want a second screen for extra space to hold information, then this works well. Just beware if you're on XP


  • Easy install on Vista and Mac OS X
  • Cheaper than a major graphics upgrade


  • Major failure on Windows XP
  • Compressed nature means some choppy framrates

UK supplier Videk's USB-to-DVI adaptor got in our good graces immediately by bundling in a DVI-to-VGA adaptor. A USB cable and Windows driver disc was included too, which was handy as the drivers available on DisplayLink's website were no good.

We loaded the software into Vista and had our second display up and running straight away. Hardware acceleration is supported, meaning that frame rates during low-level gaming and HD movies were smooth enough to tolerate.

Unfortunately, our attempts to use the adaptor with XP were a failure. The software installation caused our PC to completely forget our graphics card's drivers. The problem was fixed with a reinstall of Nvidia's drivers, but it was a disappointing turn of events.

Mac compatibility was flawless though, making the adaptor a bit of a mixed bag overall. The XP experience is a shame, but when used on the more modern OSes, it's a great option.

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