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Cirrus Logic Audio Volume Solution review

Preview: Stop those annoying loud advert breaks from hurting your ears with this nifty gadget from Cirrus Logic

Cirrus Logic Audio Volume Solution
Cirrus Logic have got a great product with the Audio Volume Solution so lets hope it hits the shelves soon

Our Verdict

A great gadget for making sure you are not blown away by intrusively loud ad-breaks


  • Normalises volume of ad-breaks
  • Good night mode


  • Only a prototype

Here's a bit of a scoop for us and one likely to gladden the hearts of anyone whose ears have been rudely assaulted by high-volume ad breaks (pretty much everyone then). The Audio Volume Solution is just that but the name may well change as what we have here is a pre-production sample not, as yet, guaranteed to hit the shelves.

Powered by a 5V adapter, this tiny little device has phono connectors which intercept the stereo output of the source prior to it reaching your TV. It then works to keep the volume of the source output as even as possible.

The technology behind this is Dolby Volume, which analyses the audio signal and maintains volume levels based on how we perceive sound. Cleverly, if the volume is lowered for late-night viewing, the technology works to ensure that you can still hear dialogue and any other important loud noises/explosions.

Will it ever see the light of day? Why not e-mail Cirrus expressing an interest?