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Steve Jobs manga lacks spandex and explosions

Steve Jobs manga
"If they make a movie about me, I want to be played by Ashton Kutcher"

Japanese graphic novels are known for tackling issues their Western counterparts would never touch. To the add to the list of school girls and tentacles, you can now add former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs is the name of the new hand-drawn series from artist Mari Yamazaki, and is based on the popular biography of Jobs written by Walter Isaacson. In fact, the first issue, which is available to read for free, revolves entirely around a conversation between the two men.

Now, a minor spoiler alert: there are no guns, explosions or superpowers. Instead, there are four consecutive pages showing Jobs and Issacson engaged in a phone conversation, and three cells showing Issacson working at his computer. Sadly, neither Jobs nor his biographer are wearing spandex tights in these scenes.

Still, if you can read Japanese and you'd love to know more about the man behind the iPhone, this could be a way to save yourself from reading Issacson's 656-page tome.

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