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Olympic tech: glassless glasses and red contacts

Bejing posing a bit of a probem for bespectacled athletes
Bejing posing a bit of a probem for bespectacled athletes

The ecological climate of Bejing has been throwing curveballs at Olympic contenders this week. The first of these is a problem with glasses with beach volleyballers apparently fogging up during games.

One player, Phil Dalhausser, of the US national volleyball team, spoke about the situation on Monday: "The lenses fog up because of the humidity, so you can't wear the glasses without popping out the lenses."

But why wear glasses without lenses, we hear you cry? Well, the main reason is sponsorship issues. The glasses need to be worn with our without lenses to satiate the demands of the sponsor, and don't actually help the athletes in any way.

Smog gets in your red eyes

There are some lenses that will help the athletes, however, and these come in the form of red contact lenses.

The coloured lenses are being used by British athletes to help focus in the Bejing smog.

According to reports, the British woman's hockey team has been wearing them in games, which is helping them see the fast-moving pucks on especially smoggy days.