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London to be 'electric car capital of Europe'

Charge points to soon infiltrate London
Charge points to soon infiltrate London

At the climate summit in Copenhagen, Boris Johnson pledged allegiance to the electric car and promised that by 2015, London will be the electric vehicle capital of Europe.

In his speech to the summit, Johnson announced that Londoners would be no more than a mile away from an electric charging point, which would mean 15,000 charging points in and around the city.

Hair-shirt abstinence

In all there would be 500 charge points in the streets and 22,500 in workplaces, with the remaining 2,000 to be found in public car parks.

"There is an urgent need to tackle the risk of serious and irreversible climate change, yet this does not need to be about hair-shirt abstinence," said Johnson.

"I want to pursue radical yet practical steps to cut energy waste. Electric vehicles are a clear example of how technology can provide the solution to the biggest challenge of our generation."

Via the Guardian