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Lib Dems will call for repeal of Digital Economy Act

Digital Economy Act - controversial
Digital Economy Act - controversial

Riding high on a wave of good publicity from the leaders debate, the Liberal Democrats' Nick Clegg has stated that he wants the Digital Economy Act repealed and issues debated by a full parliament.

The bill was criticised by many technophiles, as well as the likes of Google and O2 weighing in after it was pushed through in the parliamentary wash-up period – with only a handful of MPs debating the Bill.

The Liberal Democrats did oppose the bill, however, and speaking at the The Student Room, Clegg insisted that the Lib Dems would call for the Act's repeal should it be involved in the next government.

Did our best

"We did our best to prevent the Digital Economy Bill being rushed through at the last moment. It badly needed more debate and amendment, and we are extremely worried that it will now lead to completely innocent people having their internet connections cut off," said Clegg.

"It was far too heavily weighted in favour of the big corporations and those who are worried about too much information becoming available. It badly needs to be repealed, and the issues revisited."

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