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IT pros say wearables will outsell traditional electronics in five years

Nearly half of IT professionals think that wearable technology will outsell traditional consumer electronics, while a majority of that number feel that the shift will occur in the next five years.

In a survey conducted by IT job board CWJobs, 724 IT professionals were surveyed during January. 65 per cent of respondents anticipated growth in wearble tech and that it would create new jobs in fields such as design and human physiology.

On the other hand, only 28 per cent felt that that UK business is adequately equipped to take advantage of the expected explosion in opportunities.

UK's failing funding

74 per cent indicated that they though the Government was not investing enough in research and development of the new technology, with only 3 per cent naming the UK as a leader in the field.

57 per cent of the respondents said that they would be more likely to consider a job in consumer electronics because of wearable technology. Over 60 per cent felt there could be as much potential in wearables as in the enterprise market.

Richard Nott, website director at CWJobs, said: "This is a really exciting, emerging, field of IT, but IT professionals must be willing to skill-up in new areas to take advantage."